Moving Along Beyond “Splat”

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Everybody fails. But failing is only final, if you don’t get back up and move along. Your best life is just past splat. I used to believe that every time I failed I had to start over from zero. Turns… Continue Reading

Your Best Life – The Big Picture

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Some people think about the best life as an enchanted reality where it takes no effort to achieve your dreams. A life where your dreams fall into your lap magically. If that is your definition of the best life, this… Continue Reading


Exodus: Gods and Kings


Did Moses know he was an Israelite? Did Moses assemble, train and lead a band of guerilla fighters and spread terror on the Egyptians before God brought on the plagues? I had the privilege of going and seeing “Exodus: Gods… Continue Reading


Build your Confidence in Humility


There are few character traits or attitudes that are so underrated as humility. Humility is the strongest foundation to your confidence you could ever wish for. Why then is humility so underappreciated? You would think that Christians at least, would… Continue Reading


Making 2015 My Best Year Ever

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I am ALL IN for 2015. I am committed to make this the very best year it can possibly be. That, of course, is one big and scary commitment! So if it is a big and scary commitment, why do… Continue Reading