Fake a laugh!

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May 29

Research suggests faking a laugh may have almost all the benefits of real laughter! So are you feeling down? Go for it! Fake a belly deep, roll in the mud laugh!

photo credit: public domain via Pixabay

photo credit: public domain via Pixabay

The benefits of a real laugh have been known for a long time. In fact, back in the day of King Solomon, it was considered good medicine. And recently some scientist have claimed that a good laugh gives you the emotional benefits of eating 2000 chocolate bars! Wow! But a fake laugh?

A fake laugh may tell your brain that you are in a good mood. And if you’re in a good mood, well everything is just a little bit brighter, the stress feels lighter, and the world is a bit more fun. At the very least, you get an internal work-out.

A fake laugh may amuse yourself enough to cause yourself to laugh for real! Right now, there are over 400 laughing clubs in the USA. Now I don’t know about you, but if I were to join one, and sit around with a dozen others faking a laugh, I would be laughing at myself in no time!

Warning though, you can’t fake others with your fake laugh! Ever had to start laughing because you were in the presence of somebody who was laughing? Research shows that the genuine laughter of others can tickle our inner funny bone and infect us with laughter. However, fake laughter has no infectious powers. We can subconsciously tell whether others are laughing at our jokes for real or are faking their laugh by how it makes us feel! No chocolate bar powers there!

But man, lighten up! Laugh some! We desperately need laughter. And life is a lot less about you then you think. Now as a Christian, I am supposed to be well aware about that already, but it’s so easy to forget.

So now, go and infect someone with some real laughter. You could be healing their hormone imbalance, or boosting their immune system. At the very least you’ll give them a good internal work-out and the gift of a longer life! Not to mention a bit more enjoyment while they are here!

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