First Be, then Do, then Have!

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May 24
Almost every person I talk to seems to have a wish list of things they wish they had. (I am not exempted.) They wish they had a full-time ministry job, an executive management position in some large corporation, a bigger cheque at the end of the week, a nicer more reliable car, time for a luxurious vacation, or a harmonious and happy family.
photo credit: symphony of love via photopin cc

photo credit: symphony of love via photopin cc

The question is: “how do I get these things?”

The truth is, these things that you don’t have or do have, are the fruit of what you do; the result of your actions. And the actions you take are determined by who you are.

I know I am preaching to myself with this post. There are many things I want. But I know I first have to become the kind of person who has success. I look at wealthy people, and they have a different perspective of money than I do. So I realize my money perspective needs to change. (Note: not all wealthy people have a God world-view, so we can’t copy all their perspectives. We always need to filter what we learn through the word of God, and discern the truth of the matter.) I look at the pastors and people who have influenced the world with their ministries, and I realize that their perspective of how God sees the world is different than mine, so my thinking on who God is needs to change. I look at the guy with the harmonious and happy family, and I realize my thinking of how relationships work and my perspective on responsibilities need to change.

The wealthy guy, his perspective (who he is) is that the money needs to be managed properly so that it will serve him. He knows if he doesn’t, he will end up serving money instead. So he manages (what he does) it carefully, invests it, builds his portfolio patiently, and then… well then he has (what he has) a better car, money to give, and a bigger paycheck.

And that guy with the worldwide ministry. He believed (who he was) that God desired to reach out to people more than even he did. So he kept praying, meditating, and preaching (what he did) even when it wasn’t easy. And developed a ministry (what he had) others only dream of.

Oh, and the family man; he loved (who he was) his family more than himself, and made a point to take his wife on romantic dates and to be at his son’s baseball game, even if he had to sacrifice (what he did) some golf time with the boys. And his family loved each other (what he had).

OK, so you knew all this and you didn’t learn anything new today. But it is still good to be reminded of this: first be, then do, and you’ll have. So what is it you want? Find a man who has it and study who he is and what he does. Focus on becoming such a man, and you will do what such a man does. Let the getting just happen as naturally as the fruit grows on a tree. An apple tree always bears apples. A pear tree always bears pears. An olive tree always bears olives. It is just the way the universe works. The way God created it.


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