From Cuba Back Home to Canada

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Mar 09

Today is the day we are wrapping up our Cuban adventure. Time to check out of our resort and board a plane back home to Canada. Soon I can tell you what we actually did in Cuba while we were there.

From Cuba Back Home to Canada - Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

From Cuba Back Home to Canada – Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

I have hung around enough missions teams and have enough world experience to know that many teams find coming home almost as difficult as leaving. The cross cultural shock can be challenging either way.

Of course I think that since I was born in a third world country, I’ll be pre-conditioned for some of this and be all good. But sometimes thinking you are immune, bites you hard.

After we get back home to Canada, we still have to debrief as a team, and also share our adventure on stage in church. I am sure the stories will be incredible. I pray that the things we learn will continue to challenge us for years to come.

I am of course excited about actually have an internet connection again. I have become quite an interwebs human being. Living virtually, yet still a human being for sure.

And of course, we continue to appreciate your continuing prayers. Pray that we:

  • still have stomachs of steel
  • are enjoying our new physical fitness from all the trekking
  • have accomplished what the Holy Spirit set out to do through us
  • leave our Cuban Christian friends with blessing
  • be all cute and cuddly as a team
  • have a safe flight back home

Since I am getting back home to Canada tonight, Wednesday’s post should be a post written about our actual adventure. About what we really experienced in Cuba. And I am looking forward to it. Enjoy!


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