It’s Not Always All or Nothing!

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Feb 23

It’s not always all or nothing! I know, some things are easier to handle that way. Like exercise; I find it easier to exercise every morning than to just do it a few times a week. It becomes part of life’s rhythm then.

Sometimes it is All or Nothing!

Sometimes it is All or Nothing!

Sometimes All or Nothing is Easiest

The success of today motivates the start tomorrow. But not all things work best with an all or nothing strategy. For example, I find diet change easier with an incremental approach. Eat one more salad each week this month than I did last month. Of course, the same strategy doesn’t always work for everyone in any specific area.

And sometimes, there are other factors at work. Like time for example. I find it much easier to write a bit every day, with a goal of posting three blog posts each week than to write more sporadically. That is why I wrote so consistently and then almost nothing for six months. Since this blog is still a sideline gig for me, my real-life, pay-the-bills job took precedent.

Finding the Happy Middle

And when I got too busy to write everyday, the writing stopped. But writing three quality blog posts every week takes a lot of time for me. One day, maybe I’ll have enough patrons, traffic and products to make this job pay. But that is not yet. So I have to find my middle ground. That is what is to happen the next little bit.

Find enough writing time to keep consistent, while not taking so much writing time that I simply can’t hold on to it. So instead of posting a blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I will start this next writing season out with trying to be consistent in posting one blog post every Tuesday, and maybe another post every week or two at some random time. Something like one and a half posts a week.

But I am curious, how do you make time for the things that are important to you? Do you find all or nothing works best only to realize you simply don’t have that much time? If so, what do you do to make sure that the important things don’t slip completely?

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