Pruning is Part of Living Your Best Life

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Feb 13

Perhaps the hardest time for faith is when God brings out the pruning shears. It is easy to believe He wants what is good for us when everything is growth.

The Pruning Process - Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

The Pruning Process – Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

It is when the pruning begins that I start wondering if God really has my best interest at heart. Why is it so hard to believe God’s goodness in those moments? Sure it is painful, but we see the need for and the benefit of pruning all around us in the natural world and also in the business world.

A change of perspective

So why is it so hard to believe that pruning proves the goodness of God? That it shows just how much He really cares? Yes it can be painful. Yes it is inconvenient. But we know there is no gain without pain. Is it maybe because we need to change our perspective?

In my life, pruning has often felt like failure. And failure is not fun. And when I can’t move beyond myself, all I see is failure. But looking back, I see I often looked at it wrong. Many of those moments were pruning. God was cutting things out that were not in His design for my life.

Faith requires surrender

Faith in His goodness and blessing must allow for His pruning. We must be so sure of His goodness that even when all we feel is the pain of Him cutting out what doesn’t fit our purpose in life, we can surrender to His plan. To His process. Knowing that in the end, my very best life emerges from His design.

I believe that God actually has a plan for my life! He plans to prosper me, not to harm me. He plans to give me hope and a future. That is why I can trust God when it hurts. Pruning may hurt but it doesn’t harm. He is designing the very best me I can become. If only I can surrender.

Pruning is seasonal

And I can surrender knowing that pruning lasts for a season with the purpose of a greater future. That is what pruning is for. Better growth, and more fruit. So we need to keep believing in God’s goodness THROUGH the pruning process.

His promises to prosper you are real. He is that kind of a God. He can’t help blessing us with things we don’t deserve. But the promises aren’t some magic that if you believe enough will allow you to skip pruning. Pruning is not optional. Surrender to His plans can make pruning less painful. And focusing on His goodness and trustworthiness can make it seem like the pruning is a good season. But pruning is not optional.

Did God bring out the pruning shears in your life? How can you surrender to His design? To His process?

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