So Me and God had a Moses Talk!

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May 26
For the last few years, me and God have been arguing on how He mishandled the whole Moses situation. Remember him? Moses? The Guy who spent forty years in a wilderness because he was eager to accomplish God’s Work?
photo credit: D&S McSpadden via photopin cc

photo credit: D&S McSpadden via photopin cc

I think God should have just accepted Moses’ eagerness to work on his call, and supported him. I mean, God has definitely called him to liberate the people of Israel, and Moses is raring to go. “So come on God, it is Your vision that causes him to visit the Israelite and Your Heart for the Children of Israel that makes him defend a Jewish Brother. So just get behind, and it’ll all work out. But no, you have to say: ‘Moses the time ain’t right yet… you jumped the gun. Now you gotta run!'”

So Moses runs into the wilderness and there he is forty years later when God finally decides that it is time for Moses to complete his mission. By now God has to convince Moses the dream actually came from Him. I mean, it is understandable, isn’t it? He tried to follow his dream he thought was a God dream, and where was God then?

The TV Preacher agrees with me. God was wrong. In the words of the TV Preacher: “Give and God will immediately rain money blessings on your head that you won’t know what to do with. You’ll be able to buy a big house, and a cottage by the beach.” Or “You can do anything you set your mind too. If you have faith, you’ll be successful.”

But of course, when you have an argument with God you always lose, since… well, since He’s God! And you learn that God puts the seeds of a dream in every heart, but sometimes it takes a fair journey to get to the maturity or time where God can implement that dream (or should we say, till it comes to fruition). Another lesson is this; that dream you had when you were younger, the one you still occasionally think about but have more or less given up on, it may still actually be of God, and maybe sometime soon… or not so soon,… God will come for a visit and say: “I put a dream in your heart, it is time. Let’s do it. Maybe by now you will let me do it with you, and we’ll do this together.”

So I guess God is right. Moses needed to learn to work with God, not just work on his own and expect God to bless his own efforts. the Bible says God is searching the world to look for a man committed to Him, so He may prove Himself powerful. Let’s get committed to God!


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