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Apr 08

Crashing my Chatterbox

By miltonfriesen | Personal Development

Crashing my chatterbox is a daily task for me. I’ll be doing something and then I will hear the little chatterbox voice in my head giving me all the reasons why it won’t work and I should quit trying. And sometimes, quitting would be easier than doing the work required to crash the chatterbox. But […]

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Jul 30

The Lost Art of Meditation!

By miltonfriesen | Christian Discipleship , Life Design , Personal Development , Rethinking Success

Meditation is a profoundly important Christian Discipline, and yet when I Google meditation, the results would suggest that the eastern religions own meditation as something uniquely theirs. Even my photo search for this post, revealed very few suitable photos for a Christian┬ácontext. That sentiment seems to be prevalent even among the Christians I talk too. […]

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