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Nov 19
You hold today in your hands!
Every journey starts with the first step. And then, consistency creates momentum! And there has never been a better time to take that first step than right now.
You hold today in your hands!

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Today is your day! Your day to start your journey to the significant life. A life that accomplishes what God designed you to do. So what is it that you believe would be your ideal life? What would you be doing then, and what would you accomplish? How would you change the world around you? What needs would you meet?

What ever that life is, today is the right day to take the next step there. Right now. No excuses. Take a moment to determine what that next step you can take today is. Then take that next step that moves you closer to that sense of purpose and the dream that God has written on your heart.

You have everything you need today. You don’t have everything today that will fulfil your destiny. But you have everything today that you need to take the next step. Don’t worry about the last mile yet. I’ve got news for you: You do not know yet what the last mile is going to look like. So don’t worry about that.

You have been given grace for today, not for tomorrow. God walks with you today. And if you acknowledge Him, He gives you enough vision to identify your next step. He doesn’t give you the full picture. And if He did, you wouldn’t believe Him anyway. Your faith today is not big enough to conquer the future.

If you do not know your next step, get on your knees before God. He has a purpose and a plan for you. We know it is a good plan, and we know it involves His blessing. And we know it is a plan that will use the gifts and talents you have been given. He didn’t create you accidentally. He doesn’t say: “Oops, I totally messed-up with the gifts I gave him. I really screwed up with the talents I gave to her.”

And He didn’t mess up when He placed you in the family He did. Or when He had you born at this point in history’s timeline. And He isn’t surprised that you got hurt in that community. He didn’t desire that. But our human life still doesn’t surprise Him. And ultimately, achieving your best life will probably redeem your brokenness and your mess-ups. God is just way cool that way!

Our brokenness is also often what keeps us from moving forward. Not because we are broken, but because we haven’t let God touch our broken life yet. We are still too afraid to trust Him in those areas. But get this: God isn’t scared of your brokenness. He doesn’t doubt that He can redeem it. That is your doubt. Your lack of trust in His abilities. Your lack of believing just how much He loves you.

God is big enough. Big enough to heal you. Big enough to keep you. His grace is big enough for today. His grace is big enough to keep you strong until you learn what you need to from your brokenness so you can be released. And then God is big enough to remove the thorn of your brokenness completely. But even if He doesn’t remove it completely, God’s grace is big enough and powerful enough for what you face.

If everything you do seems to fail or be blocked, ask God. Sometimes it is because we are trying to build a house He isn’t building. A house He has no plans for. If we build a house God isn’t building, we labour in vain trying to build it. Make sure your dreams are of God. Because He has great dreams for you and He wishes them for you more than you possibly could.

Sometimes our dreams are of God, but they are blocked from being fulfilled because we are not ready yet. When fulfilling your God-given dreams today is going to hurt you big-time down the line, God will choose you over your dreams. His dreams for you. He loves you that much. It seems He would rather love you and sacrifice the purpose He had for you, then fulfill the needs your purpose was meant to fill when that will destroy you. Thank Him for that!

And yes, God wants to bless you according to His plenty. I dare you to find me a verse in the bible that contradicts that. Yes, He said we would be persecuted for His sake. That is between God and the ones persecuting you. God also desires their salvation and so He doesn’t strike them dead every time they do what He hates. And because His love for others sometimes hurts us, He promises a special blessing for when that happens.

And yes, sometimes He disciplines the sons He loves. But even that is because He loves us and because He wishes to bless us. That is what great fathers do. That is His nature. God is love. God is Provider. God is Creator. God is Abba Father.

What step towards your future will you take? Can you embrace that God is big enough to redeem your brokenness? Leave your comment below!

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