A Cuban Adventure Begins

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Mar 02

How we see the world is mostly based on our experiences and what we have been exposed to. Putting ourselves in the cultural setting of another country has the power to change our perspectives.

A Cuban Adventure - Photo Credit: GNU Free Documentation License via Wiki Media

A Cuban Adventure – Photo Credit: GNU Free Documentation License via Wiki Media

If you are reading this right as it releases, Myself and a few other Christian friends are boarding a jet. Destination: Cuba! The week-long adventure begins. It is a combination of enjoying some sand and sunshine and bringing some love from our Canadian Christian friends to our Cuban Christian friends.

It is my first such adventure to a third world country, which is, honestly, a bit surprising. I mean, I was born in a third world country, so you would expect I would have been more involved. I have served in inner cities, drop in centers, youth ministries, charitable organizations and have encouraged countless people to take the adventure, but somehow, I never got the opportunity myself.

So this is it. I am looking forward to the adventure. And hopefully, we will have a blast in the sand and sunshine and still be effective in encouraging our Christian friends in Cuba.

So if you feel led to, feel free to remember us in prayer. Pray that we will:

  • enjoy safe travels
  • be wise in our example
  • keep in good health
  • walk in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • bring great joy to our Cuban friends
  • be united as friends on a mission

Seeing another world perspective can be as eye opening as challenging. I have seen that often. And I am looking forward to being stretched.

So don’t expect my usual kind of posts or social media involvement over the next week. I am being told that internet access is practically nonexistent where we are going. That means, I am prewriting posts for the week. Normal will resume when I get back. Well, hopefully not the old normal. Hopefully it will be an enlarged, more inspired, wiser normal. I hope it will widen my perspective and deepen my purpose and vision in life.


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