Ready to grow? Ready to Thrive? Ready to reach for you very best life? To become all you were created to be?

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The first 10 people to set up their free “Discover Coaching” sessions, will receive a coupon for 25% off their first month of coaching.


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Coaching help you:

Unlock your Purpose

Not sure what your purpose is? Or maybe you just need some help clarifying your purpose and discovering how to move into that place where you live out of the awareness of your purpose, coaching can help you.

Cultivate your Strengths

Most people are far more capable of achieving the success they desire than they give themselves credit for. We were created with the capacity to achieve what we were created for. Sometimes we just need help discovering and cultivating those gifts and strengths.

Master your Challenges

Anyone reaching for higher purpose, greater success and a life worth living faces challenges that at times seem almost insurmaountable. An outside perspective that helps us reframe the challenges and rethink what they mean is often enough for us to conquer them.

Achieve your Goals

Coaching helps you refine your goals by clarify your why, refining what it means to achieve them. It helps you set smarter goals and offers timely encouragement and accountability in the journey.

Increase your Confidence

Discovering your greater purpose, achieving more goals and cultivating your strengths lead to an increase in confidence. The more rooted you are the more confident you grow.

Multiply your Impact

Most of us desire not just to achieve temporary success but to leave an impact with the lives that we live. Life Coaching can help you explore what wholistic living means for you and how it can provide the blueprint for your work/life balance.

Elevate your Leadership

Leadership coaching can help you explore your leadership in real time. Evaluating what is working, what is not working and discovering how to apply those lessons in a practical way to grow your influence and elevate your level of leadership.

How does coaching work?

Coaching works by focusing in on your strengths, and the answers that work for your life. It is rooted in the simple belief that were created for a purpose and equipped with the tools and strengths you need to achieve that purpose. Yes, we need to grow ourselves in order to fully achieve it.

A secondary belief in Life Coaching is that we were not meant to do life alone. As coaches, we are there to walk with you. But we are not the experts of your life, you are. No one knows your passions, your challenges and the answers better than you. We just help you find them, access them and encourage you to live them out.

That is why in coaching we always put the responsibility for change on you. Because we believe you can do it. We KNOW you can. And not one of us achieved our success alone. All of us had help. That is what coaching does. Assist. You still score the goals. The credit still goes to you.

Believe me, in coaching you will be the one that comes up with the solutions. You will surprise yourself. Coaching creates the atmosphere for you to think through things in a challenged but safe space. And you will start seeing things differently just because your are given the time, space and encouragement to do so.

You could say highly effective coaching is an echo chamber of sorts. Someplace you can go to think and talk, and it will echo you back to you. And in that process you will be able to pick up on red flags you raised but never really noticed before. And you will put concerns into concrete terms. And you will find yourself coming up with solutions to problems you didn’t think you could solve.

Is all of that going to happen instantly? No. Coaching is a process. And as coaches we are not perfect echo chambers either. But as you engage in the process you will start seeing those results. It is not magic. It is simple heart-depth communication between two human beings. It should happen far more than it does in our regular interactions.

CALL ME TODAY @ (519) 497-7014

Call me today to set up your FREE “Discover Coaching” session. No obligations beyond that.

The first 10 people to set up their free “Discover Coaching” sessions will get a coupon for 25% off their first month of coaching should they wish to pursue further coaching.

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