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May 22

I have written a few times before about my attempt to live my life more focused and minimal. And if you are one of those brave souls that have embarked on a similar journey, you know that in the real life, that can be a real challenge.

Redefining Success for the Best Life - Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

Redefining Success for the Best Life – Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

Okay, who am I kidding? Can be? Not in the real world, living a focused and minimal life is certainly a real challenge at times. But then, everything great worth doing, comes with some push back.

Priorities, focus and minimal living

One of my focuses has been launching this blog as a resource that will hopefully be of help to many eventually. Problem is, it is an after hours project at this point. And it conflicts with another focus in my attempt to breathe easier, namely, consistent sleep.

And so you may have noticed that while overall I have maintained some decent consistency, sometimes there are periods where the consistency falters a bit. Not to worry, I will yet figure out how to fit consistent blogging into my schedule and lifestyle. It is a high priority for me. Even if at this point, it is a quiet endeavor. My boat is in the water, sometimes it just isn’t sailing as fast as I’d like.

Of course, you should sign up for my blog newsletter anyway so you won’t miss anything even if it is at times inconsistent. So go ahead and sign up (the form is to the right or the bottom when you are on the actual blog.) And be patient with me please.

On commenting and conversation

I also wanted to take this opportunity to bring one other thing to your attention. Many big blogs were disabling comments on their blogs due to the work that it takes to maintain them. And since at the start my blog wasn’t generating any comments, I figured why start with it when big blogs were shutting them down.

You may have noticed though (and if not, see below this post) that I have turned the comments back on. I did so for two reasons:

1. I love to hear from you. It is motivating to me when there is conversation happening. And while I am happy that my posts get shared on social media and commented on in those worlds, there is no way for me to track and partake in that conversation. There is software out there for some of it, just not so easy for me to access. So I hope you will feel free to comment and join the conversation about the things and thoughts I talk about on this blog.

2. When that conversation happens where I can join it, I find that it inspires more articles for my blog, making writing more of a two way street. That makes it less lonely. Now there is no pressure to comment, and you are certainly free to just read and go on your merry way, but if you do have a thought, a correction, or a question, find the comment section below, and be heard.

Thank-you to you

And thank-you so much, my readers. If I wasn’t hearing from some of you, this would have indeed never come as far as it has. It is the echoes I hear coming back that strengthen my resolve to become good at this art of writing and blogging consistently. I hope we will be friends for a long time.

Who knows, one of these days, I may actually come up with something brilliant to say.

Do you have any questions, corrections, or just general comments? Join the conversation below.

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