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Feb 06

Choosing Fear or Faith

By miltonfriesen | Miscellany

Choosing between fear or faith is not just a one time decision. You get the opportunity to choose which one you’ll live by over and over again. And choosing fear is still easier. Even when you already know that faith brings much more joy and satisfaction in life. Making fear induced decisions sucks your sense […]

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Jul 30

The Lost Art of Meditation!

By miltonfriesen | Christian Discipleship , Life Design , Personal Development , Rethinking Success

Meditation is a profoundly important Christian Discipline, and yet when I Google meditation, the results would suggest that the eastern religions own meditation as something uniquely theirs. Even my photo search for this post, revealed very few suitable photos for a Christian┬ácontext. That sentiment seems to be prevalent even among the Christians I talk too. […]

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