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Jan 06

When you face problems, get a God-Perspective. The size of your problem matters less than your perspective does. If you see it as insurmountable, it probably will be for you. A proper perspective can change everything.

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If you see your problem as huge, than it is huge to you! Our perspective is our reality, even if someone looking at it from the sidelines sees it as a small problem. A really small problem can seem really big if it’s right in front of your face. Step back. Look up. It’s probably not the size you think. And even if it’s a big problem, a God-Perspective can build the needed faith to overcome the odds.

David had a God-Perspective when he faced Goliath. Everyone around him called Goliath a “giant”. His brothers did. The king did. They were afraid of this “giant”. But David simply calls him the “uncircumcised Philistine.” It wasn’t so much a put-down, as it was simply pointing out that the “giant” had no covenant with God. And David knew that he did have a covenant with God. So did the king, and David’s brothers. The whole army of the Children of Israel had this same covenant with God.

They forgot the greater reality, because their perspective was focused on their present danger! Somehow, they let the taunts of the giant warrior intimidate them and turn their focus from the greater reality to the reality right in front of them. And they lost sight of the covenant they had with their God. God was bigger than Goliath all along. That was what David focused on. He focused on the fact that the “giant” was mocking the people who had a covenant with the Almighty. That gave him the faith that God would be there with him.

By Covenant, the fight was as much with God as it was with the Children of Israel. The giant was not just mocking them, he was mocking God, and David was convinced this was God’s enemy as much as it was theirs. That gave him confidence that God would be with them.

A God-Perspective can help us see that the battle isn’t just mine, it’s God’s too. And when it’s God’s problem too, then we can rely on Him coming through on the problem. Because believe it or not, God desires your success more than you do. These following questions often help me reshape my perspective.

1. Is the problem stopping me from fulfilling God’s purposes in my life? In other words, lets start with whether the problem is a problem to begin with. Maybe its a door. A door that is meant to stay shut. A door that protects us from the danger zone. Or a door that would lead us away from God. In that case we just need to alter course.

But if it prevents me from moving forward with the life God has called me too, it’s a problem worth fighting. And when it’s a problem worth fighting, I can be assured that God is with me on this one, and He’ll give me the resources to overcome the obstacle!

2. Is the problem a result of my actions? Sometimes the problems we face are a result of our previous actions. And when those previous actions are the cause of this problem, we may have to deal with some things first. If they are a result of my sins, I will have to repent of them, and come to God for grace to learn what I need to learn from this. Or if they are simply the result of mistakes because we didn’t know better, we still need to learn.

God cares about our maturity and our relationship with Him as much as He desires our blessing. Discipline and blessing are all part of having God as our Father. I know a few of you were just offended by that, but Scriptures clearly teach that He disciplines those He loves. Just never forget that He does that BECAUSE He wants the best for us, which includes His blessing!

3. Is there someone who can help me with this problem? Another reason we face problems we cannot surmount is because we were never meant to live life alone. As much as we were created to love God and be loved by God, we were also created to love each other and be loved by others. We were created for community. God designed us that way.

That means that sometimes there will be problems you won’t overcome until you do so together with others. So that is why I sometimes need to find the support from others who are wiser or more skilled, to get where I am going. Maybe that is a mentor, or perhaps an accountability partner. Sometimes it is just a friend who can see things from another angle and encourage us. Sometimes they are partners called to partner with us in accomplishing the call God has placed on our lives.

God knows the plan He has for you. It is to prosper you! He said that to the children of Israel just as He exiled them from their promised land for forty years. God put them in an environment where they would learn to trust Him and follow Him. They would be removed from their promised land for the next forty years and there is one thing He wants them to remember. That is, even if it doesn’t look like it now, His heartbeat, His plan, is for them to be prosperous! He wants them to be blessed. They just weren’t ready yet. They were constantly forgetting about Him and His laws.

God is our Abba Father. Jesus asks us to see God as a good father when he talks about praying. He would never give us a snake if we ask for bread. Always remember that God wants to bless us more than we desire that blessing. And never forget that He will do what it takes to complete the work He has started in us. He desires His name to be glorified in our lives. What-ever the case, God’s grace is sufficient in our weakness.

How do you reframe your perspective? Please join the conversation below, and bless us with your wisdom.


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