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Jan 21

Every one has certain expectations in life. But are they healthy expectations? What formed the expectations you have?

Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

Photo Credit: Public Domain via Pixabay

Just because you have a certain set of expectations that have been formed, doesn’t mean they are healthy. They could have been formed by painful experiences or by your fantasy.

So when you are thinking of your best life, are your expectations healthy?

Out-of-this-world expectations will kill your best life

Even though we encourage everyone to dream big, out-of-this-world expectations are as debilitating as no expectations are. Why? Because they become pure fantasies that have no motivational power for you. They inspire no faith because they are too unrealistic.

When you set out to design your best life, be sure to check your expectations for reality. If your expectations lose touch with reality, they cannot affect reality. Big dreams are good. Big expectations are fantastic. But as great as big dreams and expectations are, if you shoot them into space, they won’t change your world.

Depressed expectations will kill your motivation

No expectations are normally the result of a broken spirit. You don’t feel like you can rise above the present situation. Low expectations have no dream. The dream has already died. That is not very motivating. That gives your best life little chance of coming to pass.

Where out-of-this-world expectations have lost touch with reality, depressed expectations have lost touch with hope, with opportunity. No dreams, no hopes, will allow life to happen by default. Default never produces your best life.

Healthy expectations require realism and faith

Healthy dreams and expectations are in touch with hope, and in touch with reality. They connect your faith and realism so faith can affect your reality. They create a tension that motivates change. They change you.

Healthy expectations go one step beyond the easily possible and challenge you to become better. They do not accept your present circumstance as the final chapter, and neither do they ignore the reality of what is. It starts by honestly accepting what is today, with a conviction that tomorrow can be more.

Do your goals this year reflect healthy expectations? If you are already tempted to give up on your goals, maybe they need to be adjusted, not discarded.

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