Leadership and the Servant

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May 12
This blog is about Leadership. It is also about discipleship. That is why a buzzword such as Servant Leadership is quite at home here.

However, Servant Leadership has become a bit of an empty buzzword. A term that almost implies manipulation. And that does not belong on a discipleship/leadership blog.

When you hear these gurus talk about Servant Leadership, serving becomes a tool you can use to manipulate people to follow. The problem is, such serving still only really serves yourself.

A true servant serves because the people he serves are worth serving. They have value. A servant submits to those he serves. Now that is radical. So radical in fact, that serving no longer becomes a tool in your leadership toolbox, but rather, leadership grows out of serving so humbly.

Try that one on. How do you become a political leader with such a mentality? Well, the answer to that is, you may not. Such a servant will only become a political leader if the people desired to be served by him. And once in office, such a servant remembers to serve the people he values. Think this idea can’t work in politics? I think it could, but more strongly I think, those who don’t feel that way probably shouldn’t run for office in the name of Christ.

That also goes for corporate leaders. Even Business Owners! Serve the people that are your clients because they are worth the great product you deliver, not because if we can keep them happy they’ll buy more from us. Again, serving (in this case Customer Service) isn’t a tool in your success toolbox, but success can well grow out of an attitude that values customer so genuinely.

I forget that sometimes… well honestly… I forget that a lot. But it is good to remind myself of that occasionally. Very humbling. But humility is where God’s Supernatural Power comes into play. And that my friends, is what makes life worth living!

I call it the God Factor! And we desperately need more God Factor in all we do as Disciples.


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