Putting God First in Your Life

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Apr 20

Putting God first in your life is the very first principle of living your best life. To me that is not optional. It is required. If you wish to live your best life, you will do it in right relationship with God.

Some think that I overdo the best life emphasis. I don’t think I am. I passionately believe that we will live our very best life when we live in harmony with Who God is, how He designed us, and how He created the universe to work. There is nothing shallow about that.

The best life is not an easy life filled with personal fulfilment. Rather, we are fulfilled to our core because we live in harmony with the way God designed life to work, even if it isn’t always easy. I do not write about living the best life as someone who has it all figured out, but as someone that is sharing what I have learned and continue to learn about living the best life.

Challenged by others

So today, I want to share a video that has challenged me again about how putting God first, opens the door into our best life. When I first heard this message years ago as part of a series on finances, it challenged me deeply. Yesterday I was challenged again by this message in church. I still found it a powerful challenge, because even though I have started building tithing into my life over the last few years, I have still found consistency and faith in finances hard.

So this is definitely something I am still learning. So I invite you to join me on this learning journey. Those of you at FGTChurch yesterday saw this video in church. Below you will find the video of “The Principle of First” by GatewayPeopleTV embedded. I enjoy hearing Robert Morris teach on this, I hope you will find it useful too. Enjoy!

The Principle of The First by Robert Morris

I hope you enjoyed the video and allowed it to challenge you.

Are you choosing Fear or Faith

Two years ago I wrote down in my goals for the year, that I was going to grow my faith by tithing, by specific prayers, and by expressing thanks. I am growing in each of those areas. But I still have growth left to happen. But I am convinced that how well I tithe, is a direct expression of where my faith is at. It shows whether I am living in fear, or in faith.

So how about you, do you find yourself living in faith or in fear?

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