Making the Most out of Summer

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Aug 31

Making the most out of summer can be challenging when it dances by at lightning speed. They say that when you feel like time is flying, it means you are getting old. I prefer another explanation!

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I believe that the bigger the goals you are reaching for, the faster time seems to fly. So if you are bored to tears, I am pretty sure your goals need an upgrade.

Elusive Priorities

I seem to have too many projects I am working onĀ all at once. And yet most of them fall under specific goals I have. That sometimes makes it feel like my priorities change with the seasons. I suppose that is okay on some level. Life comes in seasons.

One priority that has eluded me this summer is writing consistently. Writing quality takes time. And I would rather not be writing straw articles, so my philosophy has been: “if you have nothing good to say, say nothing.” That has resulted in me not writing for almost two months, because I felt like I didn’t have time to think through the thousand ideas and thoughts that are constantly rattling around in my head.

Making the Most out of Summer

Temporary shifts in priorities are not necessarily a bad thing. Life is fluid. Required responses change. And to shift your priorities to those things that are second on your list of goals, is sometimes the best thing you can do to move your goals forward.

You have to be careful though, that you don’t give up or forget about your goals. Take the time to focus on what you need to do. Make the most out of that detour, and then get back to your goals. That is one of the reasons that it is so important that you write down your goals, and review them frequently.

Journalling also helps you remember the larger picture of what God is speaking to you, and what He has placed on your heart. I find that journalling with my template gives me the structure to record those things that help me refocus when I go back and review. I try not to write hopeless, depressing journal entries.

Reclaiming My Priorities

Knowing that I am not forgetting my goals, allows me the freedom to make the most out of the little detours life gives me. In this case, it is about making the most out of summer. Hopefully though, with the summer well on its way, I will be able to reclaim this priority and write a bit more consistently again. I got a lot of other things done this summer. I don’t regret that. It has been great.

But this blog is something that has a special place in my heart so it is time to claim this priority back again. I believe that regardless of the other things I choose to do, writing needs to be part of what I do with my life. And so writing consistently is one of my big goals.

Living with No Regrets

I don’t regret taking a detour. But I still choose to get back on track with the bigger goals I have. I think a key to living without regrets is the ability to take what comes, embrace the lessons we learn, and then getting back on the path God intended for us.

He predestines us for a life of purpose. But remember this, God is far more passionate about who we become, than what we achieve. And often the detours we take, are about who we become. And, ultimately, if we embrace becoming a person after God’s own heart, then God’s ultimate destiny for our lives, His purpose for our lives, is well on its way. So, sometimes, detours are the most goal achieving thing that can happen to us. I know, that is a bit counter-intuitive.

How is your summer going? Have you been on any detours lately that may be the best thing for you?

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